Holistic Marketing for the FinTech Niche

Kathryn Strachan shares Copy House's journey from a generalist marketing agency to a leading tech and FinTech content provider.


Photo 1 – Meet Kathryn Strachan, Owner and Managing Director of Copy House Ltd

For those who don't know Copy House, can you provide some background on the company?

Copy House is a content marketing agency specialising in technology and FinTech. We help brands build better relationships with their audience by explaining complex topics in creative and engaging ways. This helps technology and FinTech brands nurture their leads through the funnel and ultimately boost revenue.

We've worked with some of the world's leading brands, including Meta, Klarna, Cigna, Travelex, Nutmeg, FICO, Modulr, Money Dashboard, Instanda, and more.

Our small business has greatly impacted technology and FinTech brands as we've transformed their marketing through the power of words.

Can you share a little-known fact about your company?

We were a generalist content marketing agency before we dove into the niche area of technology and FinTech. This transformation pushed Copy House to grow by 280% in 2021/22.

We made this decision almost by accident. When the pandemic hit we lost over 50% of our clients, most of which came from sectors that were really suffering at the time like travel and retail.

In order to survive, we conducted thorough market research to identify which sectors required our skills even during the pandemic. The gap we found was in the B2B technology and FinTech space. So we decided to spend a lot of time networking within the industry and tailoring our services to meet tech and FinTech marketer's needs. The rest is history!

What are you currently working on, and what are your company's plans and strategic priorities for the coming years?

We are currently in the middle of launching our new Social Media Marketing services to complement our existing content marketing, design and translation/transcreation services. The launch started in June 2022 due to the high demand for specialist social media content from our clients. Not only do clients want to push their B2B content and take it one step further, but they also want to refine and build their personal brand.

As marketing experts, we aim to help our clients reach their marketing goals and take their content further by strategically implementing a social media strategy.
We also help CEOs and senior members build their personal brands on LinkedIn and Twitter. In return, this will help them create great relationships with their target audience and generate strong leads through their own profiles as well as their brands' profiles.

People connect with people, so having a social media presence is vital in both the B2C and the B2B space.


Are there any projects/achievements of your company that you are exceptionally proud of?

We've had some phenomenal projects over the years, but the one I'm most proud of is our work with one of the most influential FinTech brands. The project demanded the creation and dissemination of 150 articles each month for the duration of 10 months.

To ensure we produced the best work and delivered it on time, we created a specialised team of four copywriters to work on one project. This team did an exceptional job producing 150 high-quality articles every month that ranked high on search engines and generated organic traffic for the brand.

What in your opinion makes Malta an effective jurisdiction to set up a business?

We decided to set up in Malta for several reasons. When we first chose to expand to Europe, we did so with the intention of creating stronger connections with our European clients, expanding our European clientele and diversifying our team by recruiting throughout Europe.

Malta is a great European country to branch out to because we had pre-existing clients who were based or had offices in Malta. Also, the government was incredibly supportive and created a seamless journey for Copy House.

What kind of people/companies in the financial services community would you want to connect with?

I would like to connect with FinTech and technology brands that have an already established marketing team. This will enable me to reach out to their head of marketing, CMOs or marketing managers to share ideas and see if there's any way I can help.


Kathryn Strachan is the owner and Managing Director of Copy House Ltd. She has taken Copy House from ground zero to a £1 million turnover within three years, turning Copy House into a successful technology content marketing agency.

As well as managing Copy House, Kathryn is a respected Forbes contributor and industry speaker featuring at events like MoneyNext, Semrush, Business Bites, TechTalks and more. She regularly speaks on topics like SEO, customer-centric content, technology marketing, agency culture, leadership and female entrepreneurship.