We are pleased to announce that Andersen in South Africa has embarked on a journey to expand its expertise and create a dedicated intellectual property service to advance the specialist intellectual property needs and requirements of its clients.

Drawing on existing experience, professional development, a strategic consultancy relationship with intellectual property specialist Karen Kitchen, and the Andersen global collective, Andersen in South Africa offers an intellectual property solution in all matters related to copyright, design, trade mark (including registration and renewal), tax and commercial aspects of intellectual property.

Our IP Team welcomes Trade Mark Practitioner, Karen Kitchen. Karen has assisted clients in a variety of industries throughout Africa and the adjacent Islands with the protection of their trade mark portfolios, and related commercial, licensing and enforcement strategies. She is a dual qualified attorney in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and a Fellow of the South African Institute of IP Law (SAIIPL).

Through the development of the Andersen in South Africa Service line, we offer a one-stop seamless service to our clients through the Andersen Global network that has a presence in more than 335 locations worldwide including 50 African countries.

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