Dear colleagues and clients,

You will no doubt be aware of recent events in Kazakhstan which have become the subject of international attention. One of the consequences of these events is that for the time being all forms of communication with Kazakhstan have been restricted. We hope and believe that this will be temporary and that we will all soon be in touch with our Kazakh colleagues and offices. We can report that our colleagues and friends there are all well and that the offices continue to operate notwithstanding these temporary difficulties. If you need to get in touch about any matters that are being dealt with in the Kazakh offices during this time please contact out Tashkent office which is helping to co-ordinate matters. The relevant points of contact are Bakhodir Jabborov (email: and Dilorom Yuldasheva (email:

All other offices of GRATA International outside of Kazakhstan remain fully operational and the teams there are also ready to provide any assistance. We trust that matters will be back to normal in the next few days and will let you have any further updates as the situation develops.