We invite you to attend a webinar in association with AIMA to launch the 4th Edition of the Fund Directors' Guide exploring the ever-expanding and evolving role of fund directors.

Fund managers and fund boards around the world have been focussing this year on environmental, social and governance ("ESG") matters. A large portion of that focus has been on the regulations and disclosures related to "E". While "E" is undoubtedly important, the publication of the industry-leading Fund Directors' Guide, provides further focus and attention on fund governance.

AIMA is hosting three regional sessions to allow the discussion take into account regional regulatory differences for fund directors. This session will focus on Europe and future sessions will focus on the North America and Asia-Pacific regions.

We will be discussing, among other things:

  • What has changed in the last seven years, including the increasing focus on ESG, cybersecurity and AML;
  • The roles of and responsibilities of existing and potential directors;
  • Factors to consider when identifying a potential director including experience, independence, diversity, conflicts of interest, capacity, etc.; and
  • The ongoing role of a board


To access the webinar, click the below and fill out a short registration form. Please note that this webinar is available worldwide. 

DATE: Tuesday, 7 December 2021

TIME: 11:00am - 12:00pm GMT



Jennifer Wood



Caitriona Carty 

Maples Group     

Reggie Dodge

Emso Asset Managem

Ronan Cremin

Maples Group     

Lisa Roitman

Pollen Street Capital