Judge Albright announced his latest changes to his Order Governing Procedures (OGP), which are now published on the Western District of Texas website here.

Here are the highlights:

  • DISCOVERY DISPUTES. First, if a hearing is requested by the parties, then they must now indicate whether any confidential information will be involved. Second, hearings may now be held through Zoom. Finally, the prevailing party in all discovery hearings is now obligated to submit a proposed order to the Court that briefly summarizes the nature of the dispute along with the parties’ understanding of the Court’s rulings per the Court’s Standing Order on Discovery Hearings. 
  • MOTIONS TO TRANSFER. Response briefs for motions to transfer are now due 14 days after completion of jurisdictional discovery. If no discovery takes place, then briefs are due 14 days after the Opening brief.
  • NEW ZOOM CREDENTIALS. The court has also updated its zoom credentials for all non-private hearings. Please follow the above link to see them.

Winston & Strawn Law Clerk Zachary Bass also contributed to this blog post.