Event Details


November 30


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm




WeirFoulds' Commercial Litigation Practice Group invites you to our annual 2021 fall webinar for small firms and sole practitioners. Join our panelists to discuss how practising law in today's "new normal" has evolved and adapted over the last two years, and what we anticipate for the future.

The webinar will be moderated by Nadia Chiesa, Chair of the Commercial Litigation Practice Group.


  1. Civility and Professionalism in Today's World: Maintaining our standards as lawyers and as professionals while practising in our new virtual reality.
    Speakers: Natalia Sidlar and Greg Richards
  2. Modernization Updates: How courts and tribunals – and we as litigators – continue to adapt to the changes necessitated by the pandemic, including a review of the upcoming changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure.
    Speakers: Hayley Peglar and Jeff Cowan
  3. Social Media and the Practice of Law: Opportunities and pitfalls in the use of social media while practising law.
    Speakers: Agatha Wong and Kayla Theeuwen

Speakers: Nadia Chiesa, Natalia Sidlar, Gregory Richards, Hayley Peglar, Jeff Cowan, Agatha Wong, Kayla Theeuwen