Alongside a well planned and executed induction process conducted by the HR team and respective managers, it is customary for CSB Group Directors to personally give a warm welcome to all new employees that join the ever-growing family.

Since the pandemic started, the required preventative measures have seen the Group move away from traditions, company events and typical office work-environment. Amid this new reality, employees were supported with remote and flexible work conditions, regular communication enabled by virtual platforms and also virtual team building events.

With the recommended precautions in place and with a strong desire to experience some normality, the Group finally organised this long-awaited Newcomers' Breakfast whereby all employees that joined in the past 12 months had the opportunity to meet the Directors in a relaxed informal setting and spend some time together away from their desk.

While virtual meeting platforms have played an important role in enabling bonding and smooth collaboration between various team members, the Group feels that nothing can replace face-to-face events like this.

Michael J. Zammit, the Group CEO shared that, "it hasn't been easy to stay distanced for such a long time. We're all very grateful to have had this opportunity to spend some time together and network in person just like we're used to."

During these challenging times, all new recruits acted as a vital reinforcement allowing the Group to weather the pandemic and remain on its growth trajectory. CSB Group maintains that as a family-run business it considers its employees to be part of an extended family.

The Directors pride themselves that employees are not numbers but individuals with whom they share mutual trust and commitment towards each other and the business. The Group looks forward to organising more of these initiatives and to use these events as a way of keeping employer and employee values alive.