Susan Manwaring contributed to the guidelines on charitable donations on life insurance released by the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP). As noted by the CAGP:

Following concerns expressed in recent years by some insurance industry regulators regarding the use of life insurance as a charitable giving vehicle, it was recommended that interested parties establish best practices to ensure appropriate processes and measures are followed when making use of insurance products for charitable donation purposes.

With the input of recognized experts in strategic philanthropy, financial planning and from the insurance industry (listed below), CAGP has created this series of user-friendly information resources intended to provide straightforward guidance and direction to fundraisers, professional advisors, donors, and insurers when creating and facilitating charitable donations using life insurance. As you make use of these products, we welcome your comments and feedback.

CAGP is also offering a free webinar on June 9, 2021 on the guidelines.

Learn more about CAGP's guidelines on charitable donations on life insurance