Watch our webinar Hospitality, Hotels and Holidays in the post-COVID world on-demand below.

The severe reduction in personal and business travel as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed significant pressure on the hospitality industry. 

Now, as lockdowns gradually begin to lift, market participants are revamping their strategies to adjust to the new normal and investors are taking note. So how might the market evolve and what opportunities are out there?

Using the launch of Alta Capital Real Estate's hospitality fund as a case study, hospitality investment specialists Rakesh Patel, CEO & Founder, Alta Capital Real Estate, and Corey Hamabata, Senior Vice President, JLL joined Jay Moghe, our Director - Head of Asia Pacific Sales and Business Development to put the sector under the microscope and discuss:

  • The true impact of the pandemic on hospitality
  • Future trends: is there a new normal for hospitality? 
  • Which sectors offer the best hope for revival in a post-COVID world and how can investors take advantage of value in the sector?
  • Will earnings see a quick revival in 2021 and beyond?
  • How will the hospitality industry tackle sustainability/ESG challenges in a post-Covid world?


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