Session One:
Wednesday, February 10, 2020
Reducing The Risk Of Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims.

Getting sued in a misappropriation lawsuit can be devastating even if the suit is baseless. The expense. The burden. The disruption. The alienation of customers and investors. Can your company be the target of a misappropriation claim, even if it had no intent to misappropriate? Yes, especially in these COVID days when misappropriation claims are on the rise. The panel will address "danger areas" such as:

  • on-boarding of employees
  • business alliances
  • reverse-engineering, and
  • patents

and will offer checklists of relevant considerations to reduce the risk of misappropriation claims, as well as:

  • potential remediation steps upon discovery that an employee used a former employer's trade secrets for your company, and
  • the benefits of using (and how to establish) "clean" development teams.