The firm is pleased to report that Yorikatsu Hohokabe has been elected as one of the Directors of LES Japan for 2021. The term will begin on February 17, 2021 through February 22, 2022. The board meetings are usually held every month in-person in Tokyo or Osaka, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be held virtually.

Dr. Hohokabe will continue to serve as Group Leader of U.S. Issues Working Group as well as U.S. Issues (Kansai) Working Groups of LES Japan.                                             

In addition, Dr. Hohokabe is serving as the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee (one of the management committees of LES International).  He will also moderate a workshop at the LESI Annual conference 2021 entitled "Latest Case Decisions Affecting Patent Licensing," in which our partner, Ms. Tia D. Fenton will speak, and has suggested another workshop entitled "Era of Disruptive Innovation," in which Sameer Gokhale will moderate and Mr. Hiroki Saito (President of LES Japan) will be a panelist, accompanied by three other panelists (Dr. Clemens Tobias Steins, Mr. Hiroyuki Tomishige and Mr. Hisashi Kumazaki).