Further to the high demand for our VAT Courses, EY Cyprus will present an interactive online learning session on the practical application of the VAT provisions subsidised by HRDA. The VAT Course will take place over 4 consequent Wednesdays starting 18 November 2020.

The training program aims to equip Corporate Leadership and Finance teams with the necessary VAT knowledge and skills so that correct application is followed in day to day VAT functions and VAT saving opportunities are identified and utilized.

There is a need for leading Finance Teams to adapt their know-how on all relevant aspects of the VAT Law including neglected contractual VAT positioning. The increase in technical complexity, need for legal and contractual protection in all industries as well as the dynamic nature of the VAT legislation make the training imperative to perform well in your function.

During the session VAT application will be interactively explained, tested and certified.

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