As the country moves into a time of unprecedented economic and social uncertainty, small businesses in South Africa are under increasing pressure to ensure that their legal documentation is in order so that they deal with rapidly changing circumstances in the most effective way.

Contracts4biz was launched in 2018. Since then, law firm SchoemanLaw Inc has continually refined, reviewed and improve the platform. It has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to date and a critical component for any enterprise development initiative or incubation program.

This groundbreaking platform, gives entrepreneurs and small businesses a low-cost, fully automated option for creating their own Letters of Demand, Acknowledgements of Debt, NDAs, Employment Contracts, Independent Contractor Agreements, JV Agreements, various HR and Company documents (just to name a few), backed by a team of highly experienced lawyers, available as per usual during the lockdown, and supported by a 24/7 chatbot.

The Contracts4biz platform is unique because it is created and maintained by a law firm, SchoemanLaw Inc, and offers start -ups and small businesses to quality contracts, without the expensive price tag.

"It's essential at this time for small businesses to make sure their paperwork is in order," explains Founder and Managing Director of SchoemanLaw Inc, Nicolene Schoeman-Louw, "Dealing with employment and tax issues, and applying to relief funds will require the correct documentation. The costs of being compliant can be prohibitive at the best of times. Right now, every cent counts, and we're working hard to help companies get on top of their affairs cost-effectively."

The Contracts4biz technology offers small business everything it needs to scale and now, survive in these difficult times. It also offers a free business assessment, and several documents are free to download. The platform is dynamic and customer-driven – new content is added when clients need. Registration is free, go to www.contracts4biz.co.za