During the forum "Energy system balance and energy storage system" which took place on February 19th, our Ivan Bondarchuk shared his opinion on what is needed to ensure the commercial attractiveness of storage systems.

Main thesis of his speech:

  • to work on improving the balance of the electricity market, reducing its manual regulation and cross-subsidizing;
  • to ensure full launch of the ancillary services market;
  • to determine status of the operator of electricity storage system as a market player and the rules for operation in the market;
  • to determine status and order of the aggregators' activity in the electricity market;
  • to determine the terms of the contracts of the accumulation systems operators in the electricity market "in-front of the meter" and "behind-the-meter";
  • to determine the rules for reconstruction of alternative energy facilities for installation of electricity storage systems.

The event was organized by Energy Club.