Q: Your practice is solely focused on employment law. What types of things do you do?

A: I perform a wide range of services for my clients. Essentially, I am here to assist my clients on all employment matters that arise on a daily basis. This may include drafting employment agreements, determining an employee's entitlement to severance, providing guidance to clients in the investigation of employee misconduct, determining an employer's obligations under Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as advising about their duty to accommodate an employee under the Human Rights Code. I also provide assistance on litigation matters including matters before the Human Rights Tribunal and actions in Superior Court.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the practice of employment law?

A: I enjoy finding practical solutions for my clients. Many of my clients are business people and entrepreneurs. More often than not, when they come to me it is because something has happened, that takes them away from things that they would rather be doing (whether that be a difficult decision to terminate an employee or perhaps a complaint was made to the Ministry of Labour). I see my job as navigating my clients through these issues, and getting them back to the things that they would rather be doing. When I can do that efficiently and as quickly as is possible, I have done my job well.

Q: You are involved in the theater in your spare time. Do you see any similarities between the practice of law and live theater?

A: While I do not want to overstate it, there are actually a number of similarities between theatre and the practice of law. As an advocate for your client, you can't be afraid of speaking in front of a crowd. Since I was ten years old, I have performing on stage in front of dozens (and, sometimes, if I'm lucky, hundreds) of people. It is not something that I shy away from. As well, theatre is a collaborative endeavour which requires a joint effort on the part of numerous people who trust each other. The law is the same way. Not only do I enjoy collaborating with my fellow lawyers and staff at my office, I also require a solid and trusting relationship with my clients. Without that mutual trust, I cannot serve my clients.