Emmanuel Ekpenyong, the Managing Partner of the firm of Fred-young & Evans LP, Nigeria's book on "Impact of Nigeria's Legislations and Business Practices on Foreign Investments" is out on www.morebooks.com.

The book introduces expatriates to the business climate in Nigeria and the regulatory framework for carrying on business in Nigeria. The book is set out to give expatriates and foreign businesses a good grasp of what to expect in doing business in Nigeria. We have explored extant legislations and practices and obtained current information on the procedures for obtaining relevant business permits and approvals from government agencies. The book is divided into chapters, each dealing with the subject matter in an order which roughly follows the sequence of events in registration and business activities of a foreign business. The book deals with the growing influence of Alternative Dispute Mechanism especially Arbitration in promoting business relations and the role of courts in protecting foreign investments.

You can place an order on (https://www.lap-publishing.com/catalog/details/store/de/book/978-613-7-33937-4/impact-of-nigeria-s-legislations-and-business-practices?search=978-613-7-33937-4 ) or through our firm.