Invest Turks and Caicos is inviting visitors to explore its new website The new site is the main promotional and informational tool used to give Invest Turks and Caicos visibility in domestic, regional and international investment markets.

The scope of the new design was focused on promoting Invest TCI's primary function and services, Investment and business opportunities in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and incorporated several critical components of a good promotional website, including branding; clarity of navigation; and effective search engine marketing.

The new website means that customers can now benefit from richer online content, improved navigation and functionality and easy access to information such as statistical data. The site is expected to assist in maintaining the Invest Turks and Caicos brand; communicating the competitive advantages of the islands; and providing relevant, quality and timely information to users.

Vice President for Marketing and Promotion, Trina Adams-Smith stated – "The Agency needed a website that can compete on an international level. One that is professional, informative and visually appealing and that is in line with the company's brand". Mrs. Smith further stated that "visitors tend to spend more time browsing a company's site when there is valuable content. The more informative the website is with quality information; the more time an investor will spend researching the region for opportunities which can generate a lead for the Agency ".

Mrs. Smith encourages persons to visit the new website and give their feedback by posting a comment on Invest TCI's Facebook page -investtci.