Australian Institute of Urban Studies (AIUS) Seminar Series

Taking a regular census of the state of the nation is the mark of an organised society and although a small minority of people see census questions as an intrusion of privacy they must bow to the greater good. Planning competently for almost every aspect of societal development depends on accurate knowledge of current numbers and projected needs: people, housing, transport, consumption, public works ... Our speakers will explore three important fields which the last Census has informed us about, and members are welcome to extend the range in discussion.


Ivan Motley Founder .id: The property experts

Ivan Motley is the founder of .id: The property experts, which produces a newsletter and a blog read by thousands, and whose web applications help people in their decision-making. Ivan is interested in how communities get access to education, housing, health, employment, recreation and each other. People need access to correct information to make decisions and the census data are the best source for that. Ivan will talk mostly about housing.

Blaise Joseph Education Policy Analyst, Centre for Independent Studies "Educational Implications"

The Census shows that the supply of urban schools is not keeping up with demand and NSW planning laws make it harder than necessary for new private schools to start up. Charter schools could provide more choice in the sector. The recent trend back toward government schools is more a matter of supply than demand. Recurrent funding as against capital funding is an active issue, with 'Gonski' about recurrent funding, while capital funding appears to be a growing challenge. The speaker is an education policy analyst at the Centre for Independent Studies, with experience in economics in both public and private sectors. He was previously a secondary school teacher. At CIS his main areas of research have been school choice, funding and cost-effectiveness.

Richard McLaughlan Development Director, Frasers Property Australia

Richard McLaughlan of Frasers (incorp. Australand) will look at the implications of the Census for the direction of housing development, considering such matters as whether the current inter-generational property ownership disparity should and can be redressed.

Date: Wednesday 23 August 2017
Venue: Bartier Perry - Level 10, 77 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Timing: 4.30 - 6.30pm
Cost: $35 members/concession; $60 non-members

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