Licensing professionals (whether lawyers, patent attorneys or in commercial roles) need to effectively negotiate at all levels - winning client business, negotiating scope, fees and fee overruns, working with clients, negotiating with patent offices, resolving grievances, negotiating licences, etc. That's before you get to resolving issues within the business, at home, with colleagues and neighbours...

The ability to negotiate effectively is one of the core skills expected from the profession. When did you last hone your negotiation skills? Bartier Perry is delighted to host an upcoming LESANZ event where you will participate in a practical negotiation exercise facilitated by a professional negotiator. Dr Lohmeyer will provide insights into the fundamental principles of negotiation, how to engage, when to negotiate and when to resolve conflict by other means, etc. The workshop will be a practical, enjoyable and insightful introduction to the Alchemy of Negotiation.

Speaker: Dr Matt Lohmeyer

Dr Matt. Lohmeyer is a professional negotiator. He negotiates on behalf of clients to help deliver the best outcomes for important or challenging negotiations. When he is not negotiating, he coaches senior executives and teams in advanced negotiation skills and negotiation strategy. This helps them to be more in control, more effective and more successful - both at work and in their private lives.

Matt's commercial background is in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical arena, specifically in technology commercialisation, licensing and venture capital. He also works extensively in the defence, aerospace, retail and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as assisting with public sector procurement projects.

Date: Thursday 17 August 2017

Time: 5.30 - 7.30PM

Venue: Bartier Perry - Level 10, 77 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

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