Mariano Municoy, an IP attorney and Director of Business and Professional Development at Moeller IP Advisors, has been invited again to teach a class on the Madrid and Hague Systems for the international registration of trademark and designs in January 2017 at Chicago Kent College of Law.

This is the third time that Mariano Municoy has been invited to teach an IP course as a Foreign Visiting Professor by Chicago-Kent (the first time was in 2013 and then in 2015).

In addition to these courses at Chicago Kent, Mariano regularly teaches IP in Argentina at the Regional Latin American IP Master's of Law (LLM) course, which is jointly organized by Austral University in Buenos Aires, the Argentine PTO (INPI) and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

Students at Chicago Kent are both JD (those pursuing a law degree) and LLM students (local and foreign lawyers pursuing a Master), which is different to the course participants he teaches in Argentina.  In Argentina, they are professionals from all over Latin America including those already working on IP matters as examiners and the like at the PTOs and in other governmental organizations.

Those interested in learning more about the different IP courses offered by Chicago Kent's program can visit here to get more details.