McMillan LLP announced today it will begin the use of Thomson Reuters' CoCounsel, an innovative AI tool for lawyers that expedites document review, database searches, preparation for discoveries, drafting correspondence, summarizing documents and decisions, and helps streamline other legal processes.

McMillan is committed to embracing AI and participating in industry discussions and research that will enable its adoption in legal practice to enhance lawyer productivity for the benefit of clients. The firm is also establishing enterprise AI governance principles to ensure proper risk management, taking guidance from provincial law societies and the courts.

"This AI tool is just one of the innovations we're bringing to the practice of law at McMillan and it will have an immediate and direct impact on client service excellence," said CEO and Managing Partner Tim Murphy. "We pride ourselves on delivering real-time business solutions to help our clients stay ahead."

"The platform doesn't replace lawyers, but it helps us do our work better and more efficiently," said Mark Opashinov, McMillan partner and Chair of the Innovation Working Group. "McMillan is built on a client-centred track record by lawyers who know how to drive success. CoCounsel is the right tool at the right time to support growth and maintain the service levels our clients expect."

The CoCounsel platform adheres to the high standards of client information confidentiality required in the legal services profession.