Adams & Adams recently engaged with the Cape Verde Registry to discuss its collaboration with WIPO, proposed fee adjustments, and a new Industrial Property Code to address and overcome ongoing challenges relating to capacity and delays.

Adams & Adams collaborate with Cape Verde Registry

On 12 December 2023 Elio Teixeira, partner at Adams & Adams, Mozambique, together with local Cape Verdean associate, Ms Teresa Livramento Monteiro, visited met with Ms. Sónia Duarte (Director), and Mr. Hailton Alfama Senior Officer) at the Registry.

Concerns were shared regarding ongoing delays at the Registry. The Registry explained that handles all IP related matters in Cape Verde with a staff of only 5 staff members. However, measures have been put in place to combat issues and further delays, including:

  • working with WIPO to install an Industrial Property Automated System (IPAS) with an estimated launch of the system in 6/7 months' time. Once installed this should allow the Registry to fight the backlog with pending registration certificates;
  • proposed amendments/increases to official fees in 2024 (which have remained unchanged since 2003) to increase revenue to afford more support;
  • drafting a new Industrial Property Code/Law which will soon be circulated for discussion and possible enactment in 2024; and
  • the possibility of only issuing electronic certificates, replacing the need for physical certificates.

A list of all pending matters was provided to the Registry officials for attention, and we look forward to seeing if and how the proposed measures are to be implemented.


From the left to the right: Ms. Sónia Duarte (Director at the Cape Verde Registry); Élio Teixeira (partner Adams & Adams, Mozambique); Teresa Monteiro (Cape Verde Associate); Mr. Hailton Alfama (senior officer at the Cape Verde Registry)