Energy & Natural Resources: Band 3 Recognition

Raushana Chaltabayeva has been acknowledged with a Band 2 rating, boasting an exceptional 7-year track record. Additionally, Saniya Perzadayeva, an expert with an impressive 6-year tenure, has earned a well-deserved Band 3 recognition in the Energy & Natural Resources sector.

Corporate & Finance: Band 3 Recognition

Saniya Perzadayeva continues demonstrating her expertise by achieving a remarkable Band 3 recognition in Corporate & Finance for 9 consecutive years.

Dispute Resolution: Band 3 Recognition

Artem Timoshenko is celebrated for achieving a Band 4 rating as a recommended lawyer in Dispute Resolution.

We sincerely thank our clients for their support and invaluable feedback. We attribute these achievements to the spirit of cooperation that defines our relationship with our clients and the interesting and high-profile projects we have had the privilege to work on. These recognitions underline our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality legal services and expertise in various sectors.