People + Culture Strategies hosted its annual 2023 Key Breakfast Briefing at the Park Hyatt Sydney, with a panel discussion on "The Wide World of Leadership" (a play on the "Wide World of Sports"), paying homage to the extensive partnerships our firm has developed with sporting organisations around the country, particularly here in NSW across Sport NSW, Cricket NSW, NSW Waratahs, Netball NSW, Tennis NSW and many others.

Moderated by Joydeep Hor, our panellists for the event were Cameron Schwab (Founder & CEO of designCEO), Tracey Scott (CEO of Netball NSW), Steve Dresler (Founder & CEO of WhatAbility) and Dr Simone Scovell (Founder & CEO of TOTIUM).

The event allowed for a meaningful discussion around effective leadership and delved into topics such as making the transition to leadership, maintaining personal balance and well-being, and having critical/courageous/difficult conversations with team members (who may be peers or stakeholders).

PCS is pleased to have received exceptional feedback and praise from many of our valued clients and guests who attended this event. This is in no small part due to the inspirational and exceptional panel assembled who were so generous with their insights, vulnerability and guidance.

We share some of the key takeaways and sentiments from the event.

A "truly inspiring event"

The event was said to have "fantastic energy in the room" and that "rarely do you attend a breakfast seminar and receive so much value in the one sitting".

Further complimentary feedback included:

  • "It was an excellent panel discussion, expertly facilitated".
  • "Each of the panellists were highly relevant, open and engaging".
  • "The panellists were raw and honest, something not often experienced at these types of events".
  • "Credit to all involved in the panel and particularly to Joydeep for facilitating. Each panellist spoke with such authenticity and vulnerability, the content was rich, practical, and challenging."
  • "Was a top-notch event as per usual!"
  • "Thank you, it was a great event, insightful and a wonderful, positive way to start the day."

The importance of personal identity and brand

Many of our guests commented about "being challenged" by the panellists to do some personal reflection, with reference to several pieces of wisdom obtained from the event such as, "do what you say you're going to do", "it's my name at the end of the bed", "we are the custodians of the (business) sport that we lead" and "I'm still learning everyday".

One attendee advised that she had been able to pass on the wisdom gained from the event, while another guest commented that she was contemplating her "self-brand" and the importance of "speaking (her) values out loud".

Making new connections

Even beyond learnings from our events, many of our guests have made "terrific contacts", some of whom have even gone on to partner together on commercial initiatives. Other guests have commented that they were able to simply bounce off solutions about work issues with other people during the event, make new LinkedIn connections and obtain new perspectives outside of their industry.

How PCS can help

PCS offers a wide range of services to organisations to ensure they are equipped to succeed in their people management strategy. Our services not only include legal advice and strategic HR consulting, but also various education and thought leadership services such as executive coaching, behaviour and culture training and high-performance teams training.