The Withers tech team has advised food tech company WNWN Food Labs on their £4.5 million investment round. The round was led by PeakBridge Growth II, with participation from Atlantic Food Labs Fund, Atlantic Food Labs Fund, Geschwister Oetker, Mustard Seed Maze, PINC, Cell VC and Foodhack Syndicate.

WNWN Food Labs is the first company to bring cocoa-free chocolate to the market. The mass-produced chocolate industry faces an array of ethical issues including child and slave labour, deforestation and habitat loss. Cocoa is also a crop that is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, leading experts to predict instances of chocolate shortages in the future. Using traditional fermentation techniques, WNWN Food Labs converts sustainable ingredients including British barley and carob into cocoa-free chocolate.

Ahrum Pak, CEO and Co-Founder, comments: "Very grateful to have had Withers as our legal partners for our second round. Their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our success has been invaluable. Working with Withers has been an absolute pleasure!"

London partner Sarah Melaney, comments: "WNWN Food Labs is a major player in the food tech space and their cocoa-free chocolate provides an alternative to mainstream unethical practices in the cocoa-growing industry. We are proud to have worked with WNWN Food Labs on their investment round and look forward to seeing their continued growth in the near future."

Withers tech is the technology, life sciences and venture capital focused team at international law firm Withers. The Withers tech team was led by Sarah, working alongside associates Charlotte Berendt and Lily-May Austen and trainee Robert McGowan-Stuart.