As we look ahead to 2023, change is on everyone's mind. We are experiencing a changing business landscape, with concerns about inflation, the cost of living and about energy supply sources and related challenges. Then there is a shifting global context in terms of the EU and US on the one hand, and relations with China on the other, as well as more immediate concerns within the EU about war on its doorstep. Some changes have consequences we can only predict in a limited way, therefore generating alternative scenario planning for our clients, whereas other types of change are more certain.

The 2023 Matheson Knowledge Insights Events Series will begin this month by looking at changes in employment law, the contours of which are reasonably certain, but nevertheless significant in terms of the amount of new or proposed legislation. In February and March we will look at changes where the impacts are less predictable.

Under our Business of Law series, we will host an invited expert from the legal tech sector who will consider how legal technology will shape the practice of law in years to come. The overview of the legal tech sector will be complemented by our experience with specific use cases at Matheson.

We will then host an event revisiting Brexit and its impact on the legal landscape and how these changes might affect our clients' planning.

In the final months of the series, we will return to more certain changes, albeit changes with sufficient open-endedness to require us to actively support and advise our clients on potential impacts and effects in an ongoing manner. We will host a cross practice collaborative event on Debt Finance Restructuring, featuring our experts at Matheson. Our litigation team will consider the new legislation that will implement the EU Directive on Representative Actions changing the law on collective actions in consumer facing industries.

Event Details

January 2023

Employment Law: The Year Ahead

Our first Knowledge Insights event, "Employment Law: The Year Ahead", will take place on Tuesday, 31 January. Although the last number of years will be remembered as a time that forever changed the employment law landscape, 2023 is likely to see almost as many important and significant developments. We will explore the key employment law themes of 2023, many of which are board-level agenda items. We will consider recent and proposed legislative changes and provide practical guidance to employers in managing these developments.

Business of Law: Developments in the Legal Tech Sector

Matheson will host a discussion involving a panel of experts in the legal technology sector together with members of the firm who have experience of some of the most significant applications in this space. The panel will look at the current landscape and consider developments that are likely to have a significant impact on legal practice in the next decade.

Brexit Revisited

This event will continue our commitment to updating our clients on Brexit by focusing on key aspects of the changing legal landscape which are most significant to our clients. We will begin with a discussion of the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill and move on to particular areas where we can advise on emerging differences, such as those arising from the 'Edinburgh Reforms'. The broader economic and trading context will also be considered.

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