Mark Twain said it best "Mauritius was made first, then heaven"

As a young girl, I imagined myself living my best life abroad and I can say this has manifested in perfect form today!

I am writing this from a beach side bar overlooking the glorious and glimmering Indian Ocean. My heart is full. My soul content... I mean I'm not a fire sign for nothing, my inner travelling Sagittarius is on fire!

Today marks Day three in the land of my ancestors and I can say I am proud of my heritage rooted in hard work/ playing in the sun, majestical scenes of nature and great amusement in the form of dance food/ drink with family

The other night, conversations with my multi-skilled Uncles gave me excitement as they told me more about their specialist knowledge as an industrial electrician and on the flip side, the artisanal burgers and paninis my uncle whips up at his beachside burger truck. Trip advisor has rated him superbly!

My reunion with my dear uncles made me reflect on their potential as Skilled migrants in Australia.

In my humble opinion, Mauritians harbour an Enterprising spirit that can be valuable to Australia and of course on their own island.

There is no doubt that this vacation will bring me an amplified passion for my work as a young, Immigration Lawyer, back in Melbourne.

I truly look forward to continuing soaking in the rich culture and flavours of my little island – "Mo ti Zil, Moris" Paradise on Earth.

Leanne Cousinery is a Graduate Lawyer with Roam, currently on leave in her birth country, Mauritius.