On September 28, 2022, Adam Kardash, partner and National Lead, AccessPrivacy, had a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Eric Meslin, a globally recognized bioethics expert and President and CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies. Together, they explored a variety of topics related to the concept of "data ethics" and Dr. Meslin leveraged his vast experience to advise on approaches for facilitating the responsible and socially beneficial processing of personal information in complex data ecosystems.

Some of the topics they tackled through the course of their discussion include

  • what it means to be a bioethicist in 2022
  • what considerations come into play when defining data ethics
  • the evolving distinction between "harm" and "impact" in the context of privacy and data ethics, and the opportunity it presents
  • the impact of the human genome project on the treatment of personal information
  • the three pillars of ethical impact assessments
  • the preconditions for organizations to having frank, open discussions around privacy and data ethics questions

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