The recent and tragic event that occurred in the nation of New Zealand has been something of a shock the world around. New Zealand is known as a profoundly peaceful country with very few terror-related incidents taking place therein.

As such, the event that did occur was hugely unexpected, and the government is already actively seeking changes with the regulations in place to ensure no further adverse events occur. The hope is that with immediate action, prevention can be absolute.

One area which is already seeing changes and will come into effect in short time concerns the gun ownership regulations. Before this attack, the gun laws in the country were rarely needed, considering the general peacefulness and security. However, the government is making quick and effective changes to secure the future.

What the Ban Entails

The new regulation looks to place a ban on the ownership of semi-automatic firearms it considers to fall under the category of 'military style'. It is essential to ensure that these firearms are not available to ordinary law-abiding citizens as the damage they can cause has been recently witnessed.

The government has made it clear that this law is just the start — one of a few to come. Its purpose is to spread calm and peace among the people until further laws currently in the draft stages are approved of and go into effect.

This regulation will come as a welcome one, and one of the primary reasons for this is due to the extremely rapid nature of the response. It is recognised to be temporary, though, at the very least, it is present and in effect now.

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