China Sinda (Singapore Office) recently successfully prosecuted a Singapore patent application in the field of Artificial Intelligence, by completing the whole procedure from filing to grant in 43 working days.  Fast grant of this patent provides strong support to the patentee's global IP strategy and early planning for market entry.

This patent application was filed under the Accelerated Initiative for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), a program launched by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) in 2019 to complement Singapore's shift to a digital economy, and in recognition of the key role of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies as catalysts for innovation. Under this Initiative, IPOS is committed to grant a patent application in 6 months from filing, provided that all substantive issues can be addressed in the response to the first and only written opinion within 2 months' time. An accelerated application is subject to the same exacting standards of examination by IPOS, and hence the specification should be crafted with even greater care to ensure that the quality of the patent is not compromised by the significantly shorter prosecution time.  At the time of this report, IPOS has received AI2 patent applications filed by both multinational corporations and local start-ups, out of which just 13 patents in total have been granted to date.

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