What our customers are saying...
“Publishing articles is one of the most effective ways to promote a Law Firm. Mondaq is the perfect partner to post, promote and analyse the effectiveness of our articles. Their analytics provide excellent data to fine-tune our Marketing Strategy and help us create relevant articles.”
AGP Law Firm, Cyprus
“The new PDF download function has been really useful, I can quickly run a report and share it with the author, department head or take it along to a meeting. It's a real time saver.”
Bezen Partners, Turkey
“The new reporting system is easier to navigate. It offers more graphical and visualized analysis on data, which enables us to have a clearer picture of how we are doing compared to other firms. It also provides cleaner looking reports for individual contributors and it makes it more efficient to share readership information.“
Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP, Canada
“The team have been great at making sure our content well positioned not only on Mondaq but also on the various search engines. Regular contact with our Account Manager has really helped us to maximise our subscription.”
BdaLaw, Italy
“I have worked with Mondaq for over three years…regular contact with our Account Manager has really helped us to understand, monitor and develop our online content…[promoting] our events on Mondaq has given us another way to engage with our users and maximise our subscription”.
Deloitte, Cyprus
“Mondaq has proven to be an excellent platform to showcase our publications and analytical content. It allows us to reach a very relevant yet diverse spectrum of readership across a wide and varying range of topics. Mondaq easily integrates with our approach to work and publishing; and promptly disseminates our topical content to the right audience, making it a very effective tool for brand building.”
Khaitan & Co, India
“Mondaq’s readership analytics dashboard is very impressive, offering clear and detailed insight into our readers. The process for publishing and approving articles is simple, with service always being top notch.”
Moroğlu Arseven, Turkey
“Mondaq gets our content in front of an audience we that can't reach on our own. Their partnerships with subscription services like WestLaw and Bloomberg makes our content available to their users too”
Kennedy’s, UK
“Mondaq has been helpful in expanding the reach of our thought leadership pieces to a wider audience across the world”
Deloitte, Nigeria
“Mondaq helps us understand, monitor and develop our online content while raising our profile within various sectors that really matter to us. The new analytics platform provides us with real-time transparency needed to track the performance of all of our content. The Mondaq Case managers are exceptional in assisting our team and providing tips to optimize our content efforts.”
Fakhoury Law Group, USA
“I use Mondaq on a weekly basis to pull data for our firm’s published articles. It’s easy to quickly pull a high-level overview of the article performance and send to the authors. The authors particularly like to see who’s reading their articles.”
Ronan Daly Jermyn, Ireland
“Mondaq is a great tool, it provides worldwide exposure of our articles and gives access to contact information of individuals and users who access our articles”
Singh Associates, India
“Mondaq is key to our firm's content marketing strategy, enabling our content to reach a wider, international audience and providing us with detailed analytics on content usage.”
Mondaq Customer, Malta
“As an international association of accounting and law firms, Mondaq has added extra value to our service offering, posting content from all our members and providing us with a larger global audience.”
Alliott Group, UK
What our users are saying...
“It is an excellent tool to use in your day-to-day practice to keep abreast of the changing legal landscape”
“...you find what you need fast, and it's trustworthy.  A great product.”
“...[the Mondaq news alert] is one of the best legal sources of international information.”
‘Putting it all in one spot. I always know I can rely on Mondaq. I was lucky to find it and so appreciate it…’
‘Very high quality articles. Not information overload so articles are accessible. Simple to navigate and find relevant articles.’
‘Mondaq articles are global (covering all aspects), current, relevant, precise, comprehensive and fast’
‘You have top of the line law firms and authors in one place.’
‘The newsletter is short and snappy, focussed on what I’m interested in. And it’s not too frequent.’
What our Partners are saying...
“Providing member value is CCCA’s number one priority and Mondaq helps us achieve that goal by providing a timely, relevant news feed that touches on all areas of in-house practice”
Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA)
“Our partnership with Mondaq brings valuable content to ICSA members, tailored to the particular jurisdictions and regions in which they work. It also helps us to share ICSA's expertise with the global governance community.”
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA)