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Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Enforcing the foreign judgment
Once a declaration of enforceability has been granted, how can the foreign judgment be enforced?

Answer ... Once the declaration of enforceability has been granted, enforcement is made pursuant to the local rules of enforcement in the Norwegian Enforcement Act.

Judgments on monetary claims are enforced by submitting an application for attachment with the debtor’s assets to the local enforcement office. The enforcement office can grant the attachment for any assets belonging to the debtor, including bank accounts, real estate, movable property and claims against third parties.

After that, an application for enforcement of the claim is submitted to the enforcement office, which can result in a forced sale of the property or an order to the bank to pay the creditor from the bank account and so on, depending on which type of asset is attached.

Non-monetary judgments can be enforced both through the enforcement office and through the local district court, depending on the type of claim. The enforcement authorities have a variety of options to force the debtor to fulfil the judgment, including fulfilling the judgment themselves, giving the right to the creditor to carry out the claim or imposing on the debtor a running fine as long as the judgment is not fulfilled.

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Can the foreign judgment be enforced against third parties?

Answer ... Monetary judgments can be enforced against third parties if the third party has possession of assets belonging to the debtor.

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Enforcement of Foreign Judgments