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International Arbitration
Enforcement of awards
Are awards enforced in your jurisdiction? Under what procedure?

Answer ... An award (regardless of whether it is made in a domestic arbitration or in an international arbitration seated within or outside of Singapore) may be enforced by leave of the High Court, in the same manner as a judgment or an order to that effect. When leave to enforce is granted, a judgment may be entered in terms of the award (Section 46 of the AA; Sections 19 and 29 of the IAA).

Specifically, in respect of awards made in international arbitrations (whether seated within or outside of Singapore), the party seeking to enforce the award must produce to the court:

  • the duly authenticated original award or a duly certified copy thereof;
  • the original arbitration agreement under which the award purports to have been made or a duly certified copy thereof; and
  • where the award or agreement is in a foreign language, a translation in the English language, duly certified in English as a correct translation by a sworn translator or by an official or by a diplomatic or consular agent of the country in which the award was made (Section 30 of the IAA; Article 35 of the Model Law; Order 69A Rule 6 of the Rules of Court).

For more information about this answer please contact: Alvin Yeo and Koh Swee Yen from WongPartnership LLP

For more information about this answer please contact: Alvin Yeo from WongPartnership LLP
International Arbitration