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International Arbitration
Enforcement of awards
Are awards enforced in your jurisdiction? Under what procedure?

Answer ... Arbitral awards are recognised in Bahrain as binding, irrespective of the country in which they were made (as long as that country is a signatory to the New York Convention). A party seeking enforcement of an award should make a written application for enforcement, enclosing the original or a copy of the award, to the Bahraini Civil High Court. Available methods of enforcement include:

  • issuing an attachment order on property;
  • ordering the forced sale of property subject to the attachment order;
  • ordering the payment of amounts under the judgment;
  • collecting payment and transferring it to the successful party;
  • authorising the use of force, where required;
  • seeking assistance from the police, if necessary;
  • ordering the arrest of the debtor;
  • levying a distraint on the debtor’s property (including stocks and bonds) in order to satisfy the debt; and
  • ordering the sale of any property (movable and immovable) by public auction.

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International Arbitration