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Alternative Investment Funds
Trends and predictions
How would you describe the alternative investment fund landscape and prevailing trends in your

Answer ... The funds landscape is slowly but surely shifting. The focus of the last 20 years on UK and European managers and investments has been successful, but the weight of international capital flows has led to marketing efforts further afield – including Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Each of these markets presents its own opportunities and challenges, and the fund offering will evolve to match these needs. For example, for the Asian market, a further streamlining of the applications process may be required; whereas for the African market, a focus on daily traded long-only and hedge funds would seem a useful focus.

In the shorter term, the focus on substance will require some funds to strengthen their on-island offering – a challenge that the island is well placed to service.

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Are any new legal or regulatory developments anticipated which will impact on alternative investment funds or alternative investment fund managers in your jurisdiction?

Answer ... Guernsey has recently introduced the Green Fund. Any investment fund established and regulated in Guernsey can seek designation as a Guernsey Green Fund. To do so, a fund must ensure that its principal documents comply with the Guernsey Green Fund Rules and that its portfolio meets the ‘green criteria’ set out in the Guernsey Green Fund Rules. Having done so and obtained certification, the fund will then be entitled to use the Guernsey Green Fund brand and logo.

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Do you envisage any particular industry strategy of attracting particular interest in the next 12 months?

Answer ... There is an emerging interest in expanding the Guernsey Green Fund concept set out above into a broader ‘impact’ fund structure, not just focusing on green assets, but investing with broader economic, social and governance objectives in mind.

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Alternative Investment Funds