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05 Mar 2024 Panel: Munich Germany

Developments in the legal landscapes in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are creating new risks and opportunities for IP litigation. Within the European Union, the Unified Patent Court came into existence on 1 June 2023. We will have exactly 9 months of experience with the Unified Patent Court when we hold our 2024 Conference on Global IP Litigation.

This Conference – held in the home of the second section of the Central Division of the Unified Patent Court -- will continue the in-depth dialogue from our 2023 Conference on Global Intellectual Property Litigation. The Conference will be informed by The Sedona Conference’s Working Group 9 (Patent Damages & Remedies), 10 (Patent Litigation Best Practices) and 12 (Trade Secrets) published non-partisan consensus commentaries addressing tipping point issues in global IP litigation.

Monte Cooper will be a featured panelist on the panel titled, "International Enforcement of Trade Secrets."

13 Mar 2024 Panel: New York United States

Susan Lee will be speaking at ACI's 42nd FDA Boot Camp in NYC. She will be presenting on the topic, “Drugs and Biologics Labeling: Appreciating the Importance of the Final Step of the Approval Process”.


13 Mar 2024 Speaking Engagement: New York United States

Managing a nonprofit organization is increasingly complex as nonprofits are under heightened scrutiny to account for their management and fiduciary practices. At this program, expert faculty will examine the key laws and rules affecting nonprofit organizations, managers, and advisers. The program will address common challenges in this practice area and solutions for overcoming those challenges.

Goodwin Counsel Jennifer Maimone-Medwick is co-chairing the event and delivering the open remarks.


28 Mar 2024 Webinar: Boston United States

Pharmaceutical patents often claim methods of administering as therapeutic according to a specific dosing regimen, and the validity of these therapeutic dosing regimen claims have been challenged at the district courts and at the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board with mixed results. This webinar analyzes the state of the law in district courts, the Federal Circuit, and at the PTAB regarding validity of patents claiming therapeutic dosing regimens. Join us as we discuss the trends and analyze relevant decisions across forums over the past several years and identify considerations for patent drafting and patent challenges involving dosing claims.

Molly Grammel, Emily Rapalino, Madeline DiLascia and Zac Holmes will host this webinar.

29 Apr 2024 Panel: San Francisco United States

The past several years brought a constant barrage of changes in patent law, between proposed new legislation (PERA, PREVAIL), new USPTO filing procedures (DOCX, Patent Center), and Supreme Court activity (Amgen, etc.) at a rate not seen in decades. The Institute is your answer to keeping abreast of these myriad developments, whether your practice focuses on litigation, prosecution, or strategy/transactions.

Darryl Woo will be a featured speaker on the panel titled, "Recent Court Decisions That Are Shaping Up Patent Law."


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