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23 Apr 2024 Seminar: Singapore Singapore

In 2023, Japan's direct investment in Indonesia amounted to approximately US$4.6 billion(*), ranking as the fourth largest investor in Indonesia.

Indonesia has long been a focus for investment by Japanese companies. When investing in this region, legal and taxation considerations must be carefully considered to protect against risk. This seminar will provide insights on crucial legal and taxation issues relevant to Japanese companies investing in Indonesia. (*)Source: Indonesia BKPM

The seminar will cover:

  • Recent investment environment and investment-related legislation (current state of Omnibus Law)
  • Practical points for foreign investors when investing in Indonesia
  • Legal and tax structuring using Singapore vehicle
  • Considerations for Japanese taxation when investing and repatriating capital
  • Considerations for Indonesian taxation when investing
24 Apr 2024 Seminar: Hong Kong Hong Kong

Navigating the realm of divorce has always been complicated. The landscape becomes even more intricate in international or cross-border divorce cases, particularly when couples hold assets across multiple jurisdictions.

Join us for a seminar where experts from Withers and Perun Consultants will explore critical aspects concerning cross-border divorce, shedding light on divorce proceedings in Hong Kong, offering invaluable insights into safeguarding assets amidst family disputes, enforcement procedures and the valuation considerations associated with both liquid and illiquid assets.


30 Apr 2024 Forum: London UK

We are delighted to host a Healthtech CEO Forum on April 30th, 2024 during the 10th LSX World Congress.

Panel discussion: 11:00-12:15

Our distinguished panel discussion will cover real life experiences of growing and scaling up businesses in the healthtech sector. Topics to cover include:

  • Fundraising and attracting investors
  • Navigating turbulent market conditions
  • Product development cycle
  • The role of collaborations and business combinations
  • Expanding to US and other jurisdictions

The panel will be moderated by Head of our life sciences practice, Susanna Stanfield, and leading life sciences attorney, Tom Meyers. Guest speakers include:

  • Bea Bakshi, CEO and Co-Founder of C the Signs
  • Inga Deakin, Principal at Molten Ventures

To RSVP, please get in touch with LSX here.

09 May 2024 Seminar: Hong Kong Hong Kong

In a world where the economic climate directly influences corporate health, the processes of liquidating both listed and non-listed companies have become more pertinent than ever. These scenarios present unique challenges and opportunities for companies and investors alike.

Alongside a panel of esteemed experts from FTI Consulting and Omni Bridgeway, our legal advisors, Gary Leung and Justin Yip, will share their insights and experiences on these critical topics. Join us as we examine the practical, legal and financial considerations during these processes, including:

Liquidation insights:

  • Challenges in asset liquidation amidst economic shifts
  • Alternative asset recoveries and litigation outcomes

Litigation funding:

  • Fundamentals of litigation funding agreements
  • Relationship between liquidator and funder
  • Creditors' role in litigation funding
  • Institutional vs. individual funders: Pros and cons
09 May 2024 Seminar: Hong Kong Hong Kong

The unprecedented write-down of Credit Suisse AT1 bonds affected billions of bonds globally, and Asia has felt the impact no less than anywhere else in the world. Indeed, investors from Asia-Pacific form a substantial part of the exposure.

Withers has been advising bondholders and working on the Credit Suisse AT1 crisis since the collapse of Credit Suisse, and is one of the first global law firms to represent bondholders in Asia.

The Hong Kong market has also reportedly suffered exposure from the crisis. The impact of the fallout is now being crystallized one year on, and many investors are looking for means to recover their losses against the Switzerland Confederation.

Join us as we consider the impact of the crisis and explore the options available to affected investors.


14 May 2024 Seminar: Tokyo Japan

Since 2019, Japan has been the largest source of foreign direct investment into the US.

We are delighted to invite you to a seminar about M&A into the USA to be held at our Withers Tokyo office. This seminar presents a unique opportunity for Japanese corporates seeking to expand their presence in the American market, and to hear from our experts and thought leaders on existing trends as well as the legal and tax considerations when it comes to cross-border investments.

Please note that the seminar will be conducted mainly in Japanese, with English speaker presentations accompanied by Japanese translations.

We look forward to your presence at this insightful seminar.


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