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16 Apr 2024 Webinar: Washington, DC United States

Artificial intelligence brings new opportunities and efficiencies to how companies conduct business, often working behind the scenes to transform day-to-day operations and how we live our daily lives. The FTC has recognized that consumers likely have concerns over whether AI is being built and applied to meet their needs while protecting data and privacy rights. Consumer-facing companies must ensure — and reassure their customers — that their use of AI is compliant and safe.

Join Arnold & Porter lawyers in a webinar that discusses some of the legal implications that consumer products companies must be aware of when deploying AI throughout their operations. Topics include relevant consumer protection laws, the need for transparency, privacy and data security, liability for malfunctioning AI, intellectual property rights, and ethical considerations.


17 Apr 2024 Webinar: Washington, DC United States

We invite you to join former senior SEC enforcement alumni for a discussion related to the new ESG disclosure rules, internal investigations, and staying out of the SEC’s crosshairs. While the SEC’s corporate climate disclosure rules are currently stayed by the court, the SEC still has authority to investigate and bring actions against companies for alleged false or misleading statements or omissions related to ESG. The spotlight on ESG also has increased scrutiny on internal investigations, which often involve novel categories of allegations with special concerns for potential whistleblower allegations and shareholder litigation. Companies should also consider actions to take now while the ESG rule litigation works through the court.

Our panelists will provide a high-level overview on the implications of the climate disclosure rules and the special considerations related to ESG internal investigations and SEC enforcement actions.

25 Apr 2024 Panel: London UK

This session will provide an insight on the vital role that internal audits can play in helping businesses understand and manage their risks around non-compliance, touching upon the various potential implications from a competition, criminal, and privacy perspective. Our Arnold & Porter panelists will provide an overview of the main legal considerations, while guest speaker Buddy Eastwood, from Consilio, will touch upon the technical side of such audits and the main technology developments in recent years.

Topics include:

  • How to identify and reduce competition law risk — understand what to watch out for, what actions to take if the law has been breached, and what the risks are
  • Implications of the UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill
  • "Failure to prevent" criminal offences and compliance programmes, with a focus on the new offence of failure to prevent fraud
  • How to use technology and analytics to assist with compliance and internal audits.
02 May 2024 Panel: New York United States

Join us for an insightful panel discussion delving into the dynamic landscape of CRT structures and their current role in managing credit and regulatory capital risk effectively within the banking sector.

This event is a must-attend for professionals in finance, law, and investment seeking to gain deeper insights into these innovative capital relief strategies.


20 Jun 2024 Forum: London UK

Arnold & Porter's Life Sciences Future Forum invites you to an in-person complimentary full-day bootcamp covering the regulatory lifecycle of a medicine in the UK and the EU.

Whether you are new to the regulation of medicines or looking to refresh your knowledge, our life sciences team will take you through key regulatory topics, including:

  • Overview of the pharmaceutical legal framework
  • Clinical trial regulation
  • Promotion and advertising
  • Pricing and reimbursement

And much more!


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