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27 Sep 2023 Seminar: Montreal Canada

In Québec, the considerations of legal and strategic issues relating to energy and natural resource development initiatives must take into account the special legal status of Indigenous peoples.

In this Fasken seminar, our seasoned energy and environmental law professionals will exchange with distinguished guests on business opportunities in the energy and decarbonization sectors, as well as on reconciliation through the energy path and the development of natural resources.

For the occasion, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Ricky G.L. Fontaine, senior partner at RGL Fontaine and member of the Innu community of Uashat mak Mani-utenam, as well as Mr. Joë Lance, director general of Tarquti Energy, a company serving the Inuit communities of Nunavik.

Perry Bellegarde, former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and now special advisor at our Firm, will be hosting this event.

Seminar in French only

28 Sep 2023 Seminar: Toronto Canada

The Fasken Spark Series brings notable guests to share their experiences and explore ideas around equity, diversity, and inclusion in the legal industry and beyond.

As part of Fasken’s continuing efforts towards reconciliation and to mark Canada’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we invite you to join us on Thursday, September 28, for a Spark Series event, Truth Before Reconciliation, featuring Pulitzer Prize and Peabody Award-winning journalist and podcaster, Connie Walker.

In this keynote session, Connie will share stories from her life and career, as an investigative journalist and podcaster, to help us understand the Indigenous perspectives of our shared history. She explores how the power of storytelling is essential to help create space for empathy and understanding. At the centre of Connie’s work is the idea that we must understand the truth in order to commit to reconciliation.

04 Oct 2023 Seminar: Montreal QC Canada

Fasken is pleased to invite you to its presentation on Carrefour Lobby Québec, the new platform to implement the lobbyists registry provided for in the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act.

This overview will help you familiarize yourself with the new features of the lobbying disclosure and consultation platform administered by Lobbyisme Québec.

During this session, we will review the impact the new platform will have on reporting your environmental lobbying activities. We will also take this opportunity to review the rules governing lobbying activities involving Québec and federal public office holders. Whether you’re a consultant lobbyist, or a corporate or organization lobbyist, this session is sure to help you better understand Carrefour Lobby Québec and its lobbying disclosure requirements.

This presentation will be led by Gaëlle Obadia, associate in the firm’s Environmental group, and Émilie Bundock, associate in the firm’s Energy and Climate, Mining and Indigenous Law practice groups.

05 Oct 2023 Webinar: Montreal QC Canada

Are you ready to lift the veil on your supply chain?

As of May 31, 2024, thousands of Canadian companies (public and private) will be accountable to the federal government for forced and child labour in their supply chains. The report required under this new legislation will have to be published on the company’s website, and in certain cases communicated to shareholders. The reputational risks associated with this new transparency requirement are not negligible. Better to start the work early, right away.

11 Oct 2023 Conference: Montreal Canada

Are you ready to negotiate contracts relating to artificial intelligence? This three-part conference will provide you with the tools you need to negotiate artificial intelligence contracts, including service, development and data acquisition contracts.

The first part of the conference will focus on contracts for the development of artificial intelligence platforms and tools. These contracts, ever more common in all business sectors, are essential for shaping the future of your company.

In the second part, our experts will discuss the acquisition of artificial intelligence services, such as for customer service. Social issues like diversity, inclusion and respect for fundamental rights need to be considered within this context.

The last part focuses on contracts under which databases or data flows are acquired for the purpose of feeding or developing artificial intelligence models. These contracts raise new issues not traditionally addressed in technology contracts.

11 Oct 2023 Webinar: Toronto Canada

This webinar will provide clients and prospective clients with an overview of investigations conducted by parliamentary committees in the House of Commons and the Senate. It will provide tips, strategies, and tactics for dealing with parliamentary investigations.

  • An overview of the committee process, including its history, structure, actors, and procedures
  • An overview of legal considerations related to perjury, contempt, and breaches of privileges
  • An overview of legal considerations related to parliamentary summons and production orders
  • An overview of best practices for preparing and testifying before parliamentary committees

This webinar will bring together a team of experienced professionals who have prepared clients for high-stakes testimony before various parliamentary committees, including before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs and the House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics.

18 Oct 2023 Seminar: Montreal Canada

Presentation in French only

Are you aware of the recent developments in pay equity for both provincial and federal employers? Are you familiar with the best practices to promote workplace equity?

Join our speakers to learn more about the recent developments in legislation and decisions of interest for Québec and federal employers, particularly in relation to the authorization of multiple plans.

25 Oct 2023 Seminar: Québec Canada

Article 184 of the Code of Civil Procedure authorizes a party to force the intervention of a third party in a proceeding by impleading them so that the dispute may be fully resolved. While seemingly simple on the surface, the expression “so that the dispute may be fully resolved” gives rise to substantial legal controversy, particularly in relation to the true status of the third party impleaded: do they become a defendant to the main action, or do they only have to answer for the allegations in the declaration of intervention?

Drawing on a concrete case, our speakers will discuss the basic principles of forced intervention by impleading, retrace the evolution of the legal controversy surrounding the true status of the impleaded third party, and address the issue of applying a solidarity analysis, particularly in contractual liability.

29 Dec 2023 Webinar: Toronto Canada

Please join us for our series providing a concise and practical update on how the Courts are interpreting key contractual provisions.

An essential update for all in-house counsel. Understand the scope and pitfalls of limitation of liability clauses, entire agreement clauses, force majeure clauses and other key contractual terms. This series will include an update of the duty of honesty in contractual performance and provide best practices in drafting notices of default and termination.

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