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09 Feb 2023 Webinar: California United States

This session will provide a review of life sciences dealmaking trends over the past volatile year, including deal points to watch and predictions for the 2023 M&A landscape in this fast-moving sector.

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16 Feb 2023 Webinar: California United States

The biometric privacy legal landscape is fast evolving. Private litigation is raging under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, with more than 1,500 related cases filed to date. The Federal Trade Commission and state regulators are increasingly overseeing uses of biometric data, along with new and pending laws governing biometrics. We’ll discuss trends and theories from the plaintiffs’ bar, describe regulators’ areas of focus and highlight key new legislation. We’ll also discuss practical strategies companies can use to reduce litigation and regulatory exposure associated with their use of biometric data. Cooley partner Bethany Lobo will lead this presentation.

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23 Feb 2023 Webinar: California United States

Patents give companies exclusive rights in their inventions - and when a competitor is encroaching on your market share, you can use your patents to stop them, although the outcome will depend on the strength of the patent claims. This session will discuss claiming strategies from a litigation perspective. We’ll provide the do’s and don’ts of claim drafting, so you can ensure your patent claims are strong, defensible and able to withstand scrutiny in litigation.

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01 Mar 2023 Conference: Miami United States

Cooley is proud to sponsor the American Bar Association’s 38th White Collar Crime National Institute, which will present outstanding panelists with specialized insight into some of the most significant issues of our time.

This institute historically has been attended by top federal and state judges and prosecutors, law enforcement officials, defense attorneys, corporate in-house counsel and members of the academic community.

As in previous years, the institute program will bring valuable updates on new developments and strategies in white collar criminal law, along with an opportunity to meet colleagues in the field, renew acquaintances and exchange ideas. The institute will feature significant representation from the corporate sector and the federal judiciary, as well as leadership from the Department of Justice.

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20 Apr 2023 Webinar: California United States

As the regulatory environment for privacy continues to evolve, companies’ ability to collect, use and transfer personal information (especially on a global level) is increasingly restricted. Addressing privacy is no longer simply a “compliance exercise” – rather, companies must ensure they have the “rights” to use personal data in order to effectuate their business plans, deliver their products and services, and earn revenue. As such, addressing the constraints of our new privacy world is of strategic importance and must be considered and baked into an organizations’ broader business plans. Developing a privacy governance program is crucial for vetting and leveraging personal information to achieve business goals. This virtual program, led by Cooley partner David Navetta, will outline how the regulatory environment is limiting organizations and how companies can identify strategic privacy challenges and overcome them through business planning and governance.

25 May 2023 Webinar: California United States

The General Data Protection Regulation has now entered into its sixth year. This session – led by Cooley partner Patrick Van Eecke – will cover the 10 most important GDPR developments of the past 12 months.

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15 Jun 2023 Webinar: California United States

While the California Privacy Rights Act and other US state privacy laws are coming online in 2023, the regulatory landscape and approaches to compliance remain a moving target. During this presentation led by Cooley partner David Navetta, the Cooley c/d/p team will take stock of the current regulations (and drafts thereof) and address the “market” approaches for tackling some of the trickier compliance challenges related to these laws. We’ll focus on “how to” practical advice to help participants take the next step in their compliance journey.

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19 Oct 2023 Webinar: California United States

Privacy regulators and new privacy laws are increasingly focused on regulating the design and flow of online services, including “dark patterns.” These requirements focus on the process of providing notice, obtaining consent, exercising data subject rights or making purchases – and whether the process encourages or forces certain privacy decisions by data subjects. The Federal Trade Commission recently levied one of its biggest fines ever, in part based on alleged “illegal dark patterns,” and in California, the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act becomes effective on January 1, 2024. Lawyers and privacy professionals are increasingly sitting down with product development teams and engineers to analyze these new legal requirements and build products and services in a way that complies with law. Led by Cooley partner David Navetta, this presentation will highlight current requirements and risk-based approaches for privacy compliance and product and service development.

14 Dec 2023 Webinar: California United States

The measures suggested by the proposed European Union Data Act would allow business-to-business and business-to-consumer users of connected devices – such as vehicles, home equipment, consumer goods, medical and health devices, and agricultural and industrial machinery – to gain access to data generated by such devices, which is often exclusively harvested by manufacturers, and to share this data with third parties to provide aftermarket or other data-driven innovative services. The main goals of the proposal are to facilitate access and use of data by different players while preserving incentives to invest in value generation through data; enable switching between cloud and edge services and provide for safeguards against unlawful data transfer without notification by the cloud service provider; and allow for the development of interoperability standards for data to be reused between sectors. Cooley partner David Navetta will lead this presentation.

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