As a family's wealth increases and its members become increasingly globalised, Lynda O'Mahoney demonstrates how an experienced private wealth service provider can support a family to protect, preserve and plan for its future.

The client

A high-profile and well-respected Saudi Arabian trading family.

The challenge

The family had become dissatisfied with the level of administration and record keeping of an existing structure. They asked Ocorian to urgently assist in rectifying the work of the incumbent trustee.


Ocorian thoroughly reviewed the existing structure and following tax and legal advice, established a Jersey private foundation to act as trustee and assist in the migration of the underlying entities to Jersey.

Extensive governance work was carried out to ensure compliance, including updating financial statements and bookkeeping records.

A family charter was developed to bring younger members of the family into the business, allowing them to participate in the direction of the trading vehicles and provide advisory assistance to the foundation's council, as well as act as an inclusive body for the wider family. Six monthly meetings are held between the family, the principal, the advisors and two senior Ocorian directors.


The result is a well-run, fully regulated and compliant structure customised to the interests of the family business, cultivating strong relationships across the principal's large extended family.

Due to the success of the mandate, the family asked Ocorian to assume a position on the foundation council with the goal of embedding a strong corporate governance culture and to act as an impartial party to guide the family.

The family are working with Ocorian to establish a Jersey private fund to enable the family to invest into UK development property, a structure that will be managed by our Jersey Funds team.

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