____________________, being sworn, states:

1.         I am a full time employee of ____________________, the production company that produced the television commercial tentatively entitled “____________________” (the “Commercial”).

2.         I supervised the production and shooting of the Commercial, which took place on __________________, and I am fully familiar with the manner in which the products depicted were used and with the production techniques and procedures employed.

3.         The Commercial, as produced, is a fair, accurate, and truthful depiction of what is represented, and specifically: 

                        (a)        the products depicted are the actual products, without any enhancement or additional ingredients;

                        (b)        the products depicted were used in conformity with their label instructions;

                        (c)        all demonstrations of product performance are depicted without any special effects or special lighting or any other method which would enhance or alter the performance depicted; and

                        (d)        the Commercial is a fair representation of the actual performance of the products as they were actually used as shown in the Commercial.



Sworn to before me this

_____ day of _____, 2004


                 Notary Public