The Turkish Competition Authority (“the TCA”) consists of the Turkish Competition Board (“the Board”), the Office of the President, Main Service Units, Auxiliary Service Units and Advisory Units. The main service units consist of five technical departments. There is a sectoral job definition of each technical department. A research department, a leniency unit, a decisions unit, an information management unit, an external relations unit and a strategy development unit assist the five technical divisions and the presidency in the completion of their tasks.

The Board consists of a total of 7 members, including the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman. The Presidency consists of the Chairman of the Board, the Deputy Chairman and Vice-Presidents. Chairman of the Board/President of the TCA is the highest ranking chief of the TCA and is responsible for the overall management and representation of the TCA. Two Vice-Presidents are assigned to assist the President with performing the duties of the Presidency. Vice-Presidents are responsible for carrying out the duties and instructions given by the President as well as ensuring coherence and cooperation between organization levels and relevant service units. The organization chart of the TCA is as follows: