The Medical Device sector in Canada is booming. Canada’s Medical Device sector encompasses more than 1,500 firms employing some 35,000 people, and accounts for approximately $6 billion in sales 1. In 2011, Canada exported more than $1.8 billion worth of Medical Devices 2. The bulk of these exports were to the United States, which accounted for over 60% of Canada’s total domestic Medical Device exports in 2011. Furthermore, worldwide leaders in the Medical Device sector have a strong presence in Canada, and are expanding. For example, one leading U.S. based Medical Device firm recently announced a $50 million investment to expand its research, training, and manufacturing operations in Canada, with $15 million in support from the government 3.

Due to the thriving industry, protecting Medical Device inventions in Canada is not only a worthwhile investment for foreign Medical Device companies, but can be of critical importance to when considering a global strategy.

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