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Se séparer de son conjoint quand on vit à l'étranger peut être une proposition intimidante. Pour les expatriés français vivant a londrès, devoir naviguer un système juridique différent dans une...
Isle of Man
DQ Advocates
In a world which is changing rapidly (it seems by the hour!), families need to ensure that they work together to show a united front during times of adversity.
Carey Olsen
Many practitioners will appreciate that Jersey is a self-governing Crown Dependency with constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence.
One of a few quirks of Probate (Jersey) Law 1998 is that the personal representative (PR) of a foreign-domiciled deceased person's estate is required...
The permanent type of VISA is only for foreigners who want to stay in Serbia for a long period of time and do not plan to return to their native country in the near future or are willing to obtain...
Marti & Associats
Royal Decree-Law 16/2020, of April 28, on procedural and organizational measures to confront COVID-19 in the area of the Administration of Justice, to which we have already...
Wrigleys Solicitors
We increasingly use the term "blended family". A blended family is where parents have had children from a previous relationship but all the family members come together as one family unit.
Withers LLP
The range of ways that a couple can deal with their separation – and most importantly issues such as division of finances and care of children...
Expatriate Law
The whole world is watching Singapore's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The Singapore Government is being praised internationally for its handling of the situation so far.
Withers LLP
In 2019 University of Exeter research revealed 55% of households with children mistakenly believe that common law marriage exists.
Expatriate Law
Separating from your partner when you are living abroad can be a daunting step. For French expats living in London who are considering divorce or separation...
Expatriate Law
Foreign nationals can divorce in England if one party to the marriage lives in or has the necessary connections to the UK.
Withers LLP
A shorter version of this commentary was published by the Financial Times on 31 March 2020 can be found here.
Expatriate Law
Alexandra Tribe, Founding and Managing Partner of Expatriate Law and Byron James, Partner at Expatriate Law, discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on international family law...
Expatriate Law
Last week, our firm obtained non-molestation and occupation orders through the English court to protect a British woman...
Expatriate Law
During the coronavirus pandemic, there is much uncertainty for expatriate families who have children disputes to resolve.
Expatriate Law
We understand that guidance from the UK government around the Coronavirus outbreak is changing day by day. However, we wanted to reassure all parents having to co-parent their children in...
Withers LLP
In ‘normal' times, when considering arrangements for children, the Family Court will look at each family's unique circumstances and deliver a bespoke judgment on the basis...
Withers LLP
Judgment has recently been handed down by the Court in Draguignan, Provence, in the estate of Lady Wendy Blake, settling a dispute between Lady Blake's children,...
Expatriate Law
The impact on the practice of family law of Covid-19/coronavirus can be split under two headings: i) the impact of any restrictions on movement/attending public spaces by the government; and, ii)...
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