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Anti-Corruption & Bribery Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Switzerland, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Baer & Karrer
Corporate criminal liability has been applicable in Switzerland since October 2003.
Baer & Karrer
Under Swiss law, the sealing of evidence is a procedural tool available for the purposes of paralysing the effects of a criminal seizure or production order.
Altenburger Ltd legal + tax
A debt collection request is a commonly used means for a creditor to interrupt the statute of limitations of a claim and begin debt recovery.
Baer & Karrer
In a recent decision 6B_689/2016 of 14 August 2018, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court held that the failure to disclose adequately retrocessions may constitute an act of criminal mismanagement.
ABR Attorneys at Law LLC
The disclosure requirements for significant shareholding in listed companies are governed by the Financial Markets Infrastructure Act and its implementing ordinance, the FINMA Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance ...
Baer & Karrer
In Switzerland, statistics show a trend where increasing numbers of corporate entities face prosecution.
Baer & Karrer
Sans prétention à l'exhaustivité, la présente chronique résume certains des arrêts les plus importants rendus par le Tribunal federal (TF) en matière de procédure pénale au cours de l'année 2016.
Baer & Karrer
Verdachtsfällen im Bereich der Finanzkriminalität (Geldwäscherei, Korruption, Steuer- und Betrugsdelikte) müssen Finanzinstitute aus regulatorischen Gründen immer nachgehen.
Baer & Karrer
La responsabilité pénale de l'entreprise est ancrée dans le Code pénal suisse (CP) depuis le 1er octobre 2003.
Prager Dreifuss
The Swiss Federal Tribunal, the country's highest court, recently had the opportunity to give some guidance as to the scope of the SCC provision governing the criminal liability of corporate entities.
Baer & Karrer
Criminal liability of corporations entered into force in Switzerland in October 2003.
Prager Dreifuss
Summer 2015 saw some high profi le police arrests in an up-market Zurich hotel. Special police force members apprehended several executives of FIFA bodies.
MME Legal | Tax | Compliance
Wie geschmiert läuft's oft nur geschmiert. Dies bestätigt in einer Umfrage jedes fünfte global tätige Schweizer Unternehmen.
Baer & Karrer
Bisher war die Privatbestechung nur strafbar, wenn sie zu Wettbewerbsverzerrungen im Sinne des Gesetzes über den unlauteren Wettbewerb ("UWG") führte.
Prager Dreifuss
Today, few speak about organised and drug related crime in the context of anti-money laundering legislation.
Blum&Grob Attorneys at Law Ltd
Mit der Revision werden die Strafbestimmungen gegen den Insiderhandel und die Kursmanipulation verschärft sowie ins Börsen- und Effektenhandelsgesetz, BEHG, überführt.
Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd
In a Swiss criminal investigation into bribery offences committed abroad, Alstom accepted heavy sanctions ordered by the federal prosecutor’s office.
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