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Family Law
Coleman Greig Lawyers
Article highlights issues with lack of resources for the Family Court and provides links to other publications including ADR.
Stacks Law Firm
The Family Court of Australia had to decide whether the children should live with their mother or with their father.
HHG Legal Group
An EPG allows you (appointor) to choose a person (guardian) to make personal, lifestyle and medical decisions for you.
Broadley Rees Hogan Lawyers
Parties should be advised and encouraged to resolve FPAs, but particularly FPAs in small estates, at an early stage.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
It is not uncommon for a party to turn to social media to vent their grievances in relation to their family law matter.
Clark Wilson LLP
Since the Family Law Act, S.B.C. 2011, c. 25 ("FLA") came into force in 2013, the courts have grappled with the meaning of "significantly unfair" in the context of reapportionment claims.
Watson Goepel LLP
"If I knew then what I know now …" is a common refrain among family law clients, heard again and again by counsel.
Clark Wilson LLP
As family law lawyers, we see a lot of mistrust between spouses. Frequently spouses will accuse the other of hiding money or assets to keep for themselves.
Torkin Manes LLP
In a prior article, I observed that "today's modern family is a fascinating, complex and changing construct.
Clark Wilson LLP
On January 1, 2020, the federal government changed the tax law relating to the way property is divided in family law ...
Devry Smith Frank LLP
Differential parenting styles can have a negative effect on the family and is a frequent cause of separation or divorce.
Blaney McMurtry LLP
Under Ontario law, adult capacity is task-based rather than diagnosis-based.
Prithwish Ganguli Advocates
In my practice life, I frequently face clients who married in India as per the provisions of either Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act
South Africa
Dykes Van Heerden Inc
The above, however, does not apply to marriages between black people married prior to 1988.
Hewitsons LLP
Under current IHT laws, most (not all!) married couples and civil partners can pass their entire estate to each other when they die without having to pay any IHT.
Hewitsons LLP
When Sarah Weisz's husband died, his Will gave her only his share in their matrimonial home, and that was subject to a mortgage.
United Arab Emirates
Hassan Elhais
This is in accordance with Article 120(4) of the new Law.
United States
Dickinson Wright PLLC
In Arizona, a child can decide which parent to live with after their parent's divorce only when the child reaches his or her 18th birthday
ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
The end times ought to be approaching and approaching fast! If during Jesus' time men had the kindness in their heart to acknowledge and take care of their offspring regardless of the inherent evil they possessed, ...
ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
The Ante nuptial contract is at the heart of modern marriage systems. Known also as the Pre nup, this agreement is sui generis (unique) primarily because of the consequences it enforces and the parties to which it strictly applies to.
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