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Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The payment is a very welcome initiative, as authorities grapple with an increased number of domestic violence victims.
Stacks Law Firm
Does your marriage, separation or divorce affect your will? How your assets are divided if you die intestate?
Stacks Law Firm
Interesting article answering questions about bigamy and what happens when the bigamist dies.
Cooper Grace Ward
Link to podcast discussing the significance of the date of separation in a family law matter.
Bennett & Philp Lawyers
Overview on what has changed, why it was changed, and importantly, how it may impact you.
Reminder to review your Will from time to time to ensure your appointed executors are alive, willing & able to carry out this role.
McCarthy Durie Lawyers
The deadline for applications dealing with parenting arrangements over Christmas has been set for 4pm on 12 November 2021.
If a court needs to decide a parenting application, the best interests of the child is the paramount consideration.
The case demonstrates that when making decisions, the Court's paramount consideration is the best interests of the child.
HHG Legal Group
A Supreme Court has the power to remove a trustee, but it will only exercise this power where there is a clear need.
Separated parties now need to maintain two households with the same income that previously supported one household.
Opal Legal
This restraining injunction could only be lifted by a further order of the court or by the parties' written agreement.
Astor Legal
Discussion about polygamy & bigamy, their legality in Australia & the difference between the them.
O'Sullivan Davies Lawyers
If you die without a valid will, the Western Australian state government will decide what happens to your property.
Harsher penalties for parties who fail to meet the Court standard for disclosing Information relevant to an issue in the Case.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
The new Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia merges the FCA & the FCCA. What has changed?
Stacks Law Firm
The ex-wife successfully claimed on husband's estate for family provision, so estranged daughter appealed.
Stacks Law Firm
Assets acquired after separation but before finalisation of the property settlement are generally treated as an asset.
If an intention to end a de facto relationship can be identified, this is significant evidence to be taken into account.
If a person dies without a valid will, then on death, their estate will be divided according to the law of intestacy.
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