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Venturini IP
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Brazil, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Venturini IP
In our previous article on May 15, 2020, we discussed the "Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BRPTO) Plan To Combat Patent Backlog in Brazil".
Venturini IP
The purpose of this article is to show that tax incentive policies fostering innovation and the IP system complement each other and together could be used more efficiently in order to boost R&D in Brazil.
Salusse Marangoni Parente Jabur
Brazil has approved the Madrid Protocol and the Common Regulations under the Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of trademarks and the Protocol Relating to that Agreement.
Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)
The panelists were an IP attorney from Brazil, a business woman who has an Instagram page followed by 300,000 + business women, and a representative of WIPO, form Geneva.
Tauil & Chequer
The direct action of unconstitutionality No. 5529/2016, filed by the Attorney General of the Republic, discusses the constitutionality of the sole paragraph in article 40 of the Brazilian IP Law.
Tauil & Chequer
The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office ("BPTO") has announced the end of the suspension of its deadlines starting June 1, 2020, through a statement published in Bulletin No. 2577.
Venturini IP
Backlog is the first word that comes to an applicant's mind when considering Brazil for patent filings. Indeed, at its worst, official statistics indicated an average pendency time of 10,9 years at...
Daniel Law
It is important to note that Bill no. 2,370/19 was not proposed by the Executive Branch.
Moeller IP Advisors
Agencies working in scientific and technological research in both countries are expected to get closer.
Moeller IP Advisors
On average, considering the patents analyzed via PPH in Brazil in 2019, the concession period is eight months and may reach only one month.
Veirano e Advogados Associados
Em 9 de outubro de 2019, o Superior Tribunal de Justiça ("STJ"), por unanimidade, negou provimento ao Recurso Especial...
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, PC
Brazil acceded to the Madrid Protocol on July 3, 2019 making it the 105th member of the Madrid System. The Protocol will enter into force with respect to Brazil on October 2, 2019.
Tauil & Chequer
Brazil has finally adhered to the Madrid Protocol, and three of its resolutions regulating the new procedures come into force today – October 2, 2019.
Phillips & Leigh
One of the major concerns about Brazilian patent system has been the time it takes for obtaining patent protection or, in other words, the backlog.
S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates
The World Intellectual Property Organization vide its notification number 54/2019 dated August 16th, 2019 has informed that the Government of Brazil has declared that an individual fee is required
Tauil & Chequer
Over the past month, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office ("BPTO") has stoked optimistic regarding its Patent Backlog Combat Plan. Unlike its former
Moroglu Arseven
The World Intellectual Property Organization has announced that it has received Brazil's accession document to the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks.
Moroglu Arseven
Dünya Fikri Mülkiyet Örgütü tarafından yayımlanan duyuruya göre Brezilya, Markaların Uluslararası Tescili Hakkındaki Madrid Sözleşmesi'ne İlişkin Protokol'e katılma belgelerini WIPO'ya gönderdi ...
Dennemeyer Group
Obtaining a patent in Brazil is a lengthy process. However, the BPTO makes provisions for an expedited substantive examination and grant of patents for environmentally beneficial technologies.
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