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Cooper Grace Ward
Transcript & link to video discussing when you might be entitled to a copy of someone else's Enduring Power of Attorney.
Holding Redlich
Discusses recent case where orders were made to remove executors who failed to appropriately progress administration of the estate.
Kalus Kenny Intelex
Private Client Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Australia, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Justice Family Lawyers
Recovery orders are court orders for the immediate return of an abducted child to the responsible parent or carer.
Ivy Law Group
Parties to a family law separation could risk losing their online privacy to their former spouse or de facto partner.
Cooper Grace Ward
Transcript & link to video discussing employee entitlements & whether they form part of your property pool.
Pointon Partners
Consider the treatment of digital assets and records, as well as any other assets, upon death or legal incapacity.
PCL Lawyers
The family home is often the most valuable asset to be divided after separation, with the most emotional value.
Cooper Grace Ward
Transcript & link to video discussing what's going to happen to your pet if you die.
Carroll & O'Dea
Links to recent news and case notes involving wills, probate and estates.
Ivy Law Group
A POA is a legal document that allows you to nominate someone to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf.
BFAs are an opportunity for couples to agree on financial arrangements, rather than leaving those decisions to a Court.
Bartier Perry
Key lessons from recent decisions involving the interpretation of wills and the management of inheritance disputes.
HHG Legal Group
It's never too early to start your Estate Planning and reviewing your Will.
Pentana Stanton Lawyers
Parental responsibility, parenting orders, interim parenting orders, pre-action procedures, parenting plans etc
Pointon Partners
When clients consider drafting a will, they are often surprised by the number of related issues they need to consider.
PCL Lawyers
In some circumstances, it may be necessary for an executor to formally renounce their role as executor to a Will.
Cooper Grace Ward
Link to video & transcript of video discussing whether (& when) you might be entitled to a copy of someone else's Will.
Piper Alderman
The Court found that the trustee had not given real and genuine consideration in the exercise of its discretion.
Mellor Olsson Lawyers
A declaration of nullity is a legal declaration that the marriage between two parties was null and void from the start.
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