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When mak­ing deci­sions for children, the Court's para­mount con­sid­er­a­tion is the best inter­ests of the child/ren.
An enduring power of attorney is an important part of estate planning to ensure your financial future is looked after.
Cooper Grace Ward
Transcript & link to video - there are several options available to you if you do not agree with the single expert report.
Cooper Grace Ward
Parents who are yet to resolve Christmas plans will need to compromise and reach agreement between themselves.
Cooper Grace Ward
The video discusses the conveyancing process and how to transfer or sell property as part of a family law settlement.
Holding Redlich
An enduring power of attorney confers significant legal rights to the appointee, but some can mismanage their role.
Pointon Partners
One of the most powerful modern estate planning strategy is the use of a testamentary trust in your Will.
Parker Coles Curtis
The Family Law Act defines a de facto relationship and also provides some factors that a Court would consider.
Parker Coles Curtis
ACT legislative changes may assist separated partners to get back on the property market after a break-up or divorce.
Parker Coles Curtis
Separated co-parents should start a conversation in early November about the possibility of a stress-free Christmas.
Cooper Grace Ward
An add-back is an asset or an item which should have existed in the property pool, but has been spent or wasted.
HHG Legal Group
A financial agreement is a contract between a couple which can protect the assets brought into the relationship.
Bennett & Philp Lawyers
Recent case highlights that issues that can arise if you do not properly administer a Discretionary Trust.
Ivy Law Group
What is a testamentary trust & key features. Link to testamentary trust fact sheet.
Clifford Gouldson Lawyers
When should you update your Will? What events in your life are key triggers to revisit your estate planning documents?
Bartier Perry
The manner in which a will may be challenged on the grounds of Essential Validity is discussed here.
Unified Lawyers
Difference between separation & divorce, the divorce process, when you can remarry, what is involved, how fast?
Unified Lawyers
What is adoption? Types of adoption, who can adopt, adopting a child is not for everyone.
Unified Lawyers
What is legal capacity, how is it determined, making decisions, lack of capacity, regaining capacity, case guardian & more.
Cooper Grace Ward
An attorney can be appointed to make financial decisions and/or personal or health decisions on behalf of someone else.
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